Samm DiStasio

Business Development Executive

I specialize in business development and partnership strategy planning, aimed at unleashing the full potential of your business. I have led business development at both large ISVs and at small startups, so I have a comprehensive view of how to generate success via partnerships. Whether it’s an inbound focus on technology integration or outbound focus on go-to-market partnerships, I have an extensive history of success in both of these areas.

  • Former Microsoft executive leader and business development VP at ISVs like Citrix and startups such as Puppet and KineticaDB
  • Designed, negotiated and closed one of the first Microsoft Azure marketplace 1st-party strategic agreements
  • At Microsoft, I created a maturity model-based sales methodology that became the core of the Microsoft Enterprise Sales account planning process and drove a 3x increase in Enterprise Agreement revenue. Dr.Peter Weill from the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) cited this work as “best in class” and a “goldmine” of customer insight and was acknowledged in Dr.Weill’s book “IT Savvy”
  • Former Board of Advisors member of the Innovation Value Institute, a research institute that develops frameworks focused on digital transformation and technology adoption

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